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DigiCirc: Pan-European project with the goal of integrating digital technologies in processes from companies working on fields related to Circular Economy.

The project is focussed on three different thematic fields, for which it aims to create an open innovation ecosystem, centred on digitalization and bringing together companies, public authorities and research groups. These thematic areas are: circular cities, bioeconomy and blue economy. Each thematic area is led by a cluster that actuates as accelerator, promoting the involvement of SMEs and investors om the project.

To achieve its goal, DigiCirc is working on digital tools oriented on Geolocation of materials, connecting businesses and dissemination of the necessary knowledge for the development of activities based on circular economy.

The CTN takes part in this project as the main accelerator for the blue economy area, reaching a large amount of innovation actors, both at national and European level, specially in the maritime sector.

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DigiCirc will create new opportunities for SMEs in the domains of Blue Economy

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Join the DigiCirc Programme and launch your digital solution for the Blue Economy!

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Logo DigiCirc

DigiCirc will create new opportunities for SMEs in the domains of Circular Cities

Is your SME providing digital solutions to make our Cities more circular? Join the transformation of European Cities by applying to DigiCirc Accelerator Programme! DigiCirc Circular […]