We attend to PROTEUS Scientific Comitee

5th Consortium Meeting of Lincoln project
Technology Surveillance Workshop with Juan Carlos Vergara

We are in the Scientific Comittee of PROTEUS project, that takes place today October 25th, 2017, in the Port Authority of Valencia.

The PROTEUS project partners work on the identification of the specific MS (maritime surveillance) sectors (environment, port control, piracy, defense etc.), common challenges and opportunities regarding MS.

In today’s workshop we are examinating technologies, applications and market aspects, concerning the main sectors of Maritime Surveillance as regards their examination of business attractiveness and complementarities among Maritime Surveillance and other industries.

We are devising tools to guide and monitor the development of the National Nodes and the launching of the MED MS Cluster, fostering the internationalization approach of the project; tools that will be applied and tested during the pilot activities of the project.

Contact person: Pablo Ruiz (pabloruiz@ctnaval.com)