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European Projects Office

OPEUMAR gives support through all the stages of a European Project, from the identification of opportunities, partners search and proposal preparation to the Project execution, administrative management and communications with the European Commission.

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Digicirc will create new opportunities for SMEs in the domains of Bioeconomy

¿Necesita tu PYME apoyo para desarrollar soluciones innovadoras basadas en tecnologías digitales en el ámbito de la Bioeconomía? ¡Únete y participa en el Programa Acelerador de la Bioeconomía de DigiCirc!

DigiCirc will create new opportunities for SMEs in the domains of Blue Economy

Is your SME looking for support to develop digital technologies for Blue Economy domain? Join us by applying to DigiCirc Blue Economy Accelerator Programme!   DigiCirc Circular Cities Open Call is […]

Join the DigiCirc Programme and launch your digital solution for the Blue Economy!

Who are we looking for? DigiCirc is looking for European SMEs/Start-ups that can use digital tools and apply cutting-edge solutions in the circular economy by addressing […]