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OPEUMAR gives support through all the stages of a European Project, from the identification of opportunities, partners search and proposal preparation to the Project execution, administrative management and communications with the European Commission.

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Last consortium meeting of the PELAGOS project

Marine Technology Centre has participated in the last consortium meeting of the PELAGOS project celebrated on the 23th-24th May in Cyprus. A 3-year project aiming at […]

Kick-off meeting of QUIETMED 2 Project

During this first meeting of QUIETMED 2 project have been presented the objectives, the work plan and issues related with the general organization of the project. […]

Kick-off meeting of DEMO-BLUESMARTFEED Project

The DEMO-BLUESMARTFEED Project, Demonstration project of a smart technology for monitoring the delivery of feed for a sustainable aquaculture, is co-funded by the European Maritime and […]